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Quark matter or QCD matter. CFL phase of color-superconducting quark matter. At intermediate densities we expect some other phases labelled "non-CFL quark liquid" in the figure whose nature is presently unknown,. They might be other forms of color-superconducting quark matter, or. Color–flavor locking CFL is a phenomenon that is expected to occur in ultra-high-density strange matter, a form of quark matter. The quarks form Cooper pairs, whose color properties are correlated with their flavor properties in a one-to-one correspondence between. the ground state of dense quark matter. We show that these contributions tend to destabilize the vacuum, leading to a surprisingly complex phase structure for quark matter as a function of quark mass, even for small αs. In particular we find two new phases of CFL quark matter possibly relevant for the real world, for which ¯θ QCD = π/2. In absence of gapless quark quasiparticles, this Nambu-Goldstone boson turns out to play an important role in many transport properties of cold CFL matter [33,47]. The CFL phase, like the 2SC phase, is not an electromagnetic superconductor. Therefore, it does not expel a magnetic flux from its interior.

Title: Exact solutions for compact stars with CFL quark matter. Abstract: The search for the true ground state of the dense matter remains open since Bomer, Terasawa and other raised the possibility of stable quarks, boosted by Witten's \textitstrange matter hypothesis in 1984. Within this proposal. Multi-winding flux tubes in CFL quark matter Andreas Schmitt 1. Introduction and main results Sufficiently cold and dense matter is a color superconductor in the color-flavor locked CFL phase [1, 2]. CFL breaks baryon number conservation spontaneously and thus can be expected to behave as a baryon superfluid.

Prepared for submission to JCAP Exact solutions for compact stars with CFL quark matter L. S. Rocha, aA. Bernardo, M. G. B. de Avellar,b;c J. E. Horvatha. I suspect that this is referencing the paper Wormhole geometries supported by quark matter at ultra-high densities. CFL quark matter is Color-Flavor-Locked quark matter; basically, it is a color-superconducting ultras-high-density state of quark-g. Can CFL Quark Matter really stabilize a wormhole? Today, a paper appeared on arxiv, "Wormhole geometries supported by quark matter at ultra-high densities" paper 1403.0771 which appears to claim the Color-Flavor-Locked CFL quark matter could stabilize wormholes.

At slightly lower densities, corresponding to higher layers closer to the surface of the compact star, the quark matter will behave as a non-CFL quark liquid, a phase that is even more mysterious than CFL and might include color conductivity and/or several additional yet undiscovered phases. arXiv:0709.4251v1 [nucl-th] 26 Sep 2007 Bulk viscosity in 2SC and CFL quark matter Mark G. Alford and Andreas Schmitt Department of Physics, Washington University St Louis, MO, 63130, USA.

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